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Season 6 - 2020

So far this season has been a wash due to travel restrictions and shut downs. Starting off great with our weekend getaways to the great lakes. And a quiet journey through Amish country. We had to cancel and re-schedule a couple Adventures, hoping our Lost Caverns excursion does not get canceled.



Anniversary Edition 2020

Join us on our Anniversary as we hike the Mohican State Park while staying in a cabin right in the heart of Amish Country.


Ski Run

With only a couple days left to ski,
and Jonny wanting to try the Snowboard.
We jammed up to Brandywine Ski Resort
and got a couple of runs it.
Short but Sweet.



Great Lakes Winter Weekend I

Join us in the cold as we cruise up
the coast of the Great Lakes for our
annual winter getaway to
Marblehead Peninsula

Great Lakes Winter Weekend II

Take a hike on an icy snowy rock trail
to see a Lighthouse. Then just hang out.


More Adventures Coming Soon!!

July 2020
Firefly Resort

 October 2020
Punderson Manor
Nelson's Ledges

Scheduled for August / September

the Lost Caverns Adventure

Follow us to West Virginia to ride along side the
Application and Smokey Mountains through
Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Kentucky.
To see some of the most beautiful Caverns in the world.